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Fun do-it-yourself activity for the classroom or at home!


These emotion pins were first created for Khalil’s school holiday shop 2022. Now, we would l share this activity with you.


What you’ll need:

  1. Badge-Making / Button Maker Press Machine (58 mm)
  2. 58 mm / 2.25-inch Badges (Pins, Buttons, etc.)
  3. 58 mm Circle Cutter (recommended)  / Scissors 
  4. Oh Khalil, Pin it, Tempate


Template is a downloadable PDF. You will received an email of the template. PLease make sure you use a valid email address at checkout. 

PIN IT by KHALIL! DIY Template

  • Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we are sad. Sometimes we get excited when we are glad. And sometimes we are mad.

    No matter what we are feeling, they are all just as important. Sometimes we need a little help, Expressing our big emotions!

    Pin your feeling and wear it proudly! Then share it with the world.

    By Khalil J,

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