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Meet the Author

- Khadijah Fair, Author -

Khadijah Fair published her debut children’s book, Oh Khalil and the Color Block Bandit, in August 2020. She took a leap of faith amid the pandemic to showcase her daily routine with her adventurous, imaginative, and humorist son Khalil. His bubbly and inquisitive personality is no stranger to the spotlight as he continues to showcase his gifts and talents.


Khadijah grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she graduated high school and college. Since obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree, she has worked in public education and nonprofits. Her love and passion for urban development, education, and parenthood set her on the pathway to becoming a family liaison and advocate. She is now working on expanding the Oh Khalil brand and continuing her work to assist families in her community. 

- Khalil, Inspiring Illustrator -

The voice, the face, the name, Oh Khalil! Khalil became a local sensation when the video of him solving the Rubik's cube at only three years old went viral. He is known as the “boy genius” ( Thanks to WKYC-Cleveland) three-year-old boy who solved the Rubik's Cube. 

Khalil is inquisitive and charismatic a school ager. He inspires me to be a comic book writer and illustrator. He enjoys reading, science, and of course, drawing. If he’s not playing Roblox or eating pizza, he’s somewhere explaining the meaning of a word you’ve probably never heard.

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