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Written by Khadijah Fair

Illustrated by Book Ruffell


Join Oh Khalil and his friends, Braxton, Evie, and Jasper, on an immersive journey through Ohville as they reflect on their Kindergarten chaos memories before the start of their first-grade year. Follow along as they talk about their challenges and perseverance through laughter, togetherness, and learning. Oh Khalil introduces the Ultimate Kindergarten Survival Guide he created with Oh Mom and Mr. ABC. However, it is no surprise that Garrett, the bandit was back to stir trouble.


During the journey through Ohville, Oh Khalil, Braxton, Evie, and Jasper are responsible for getting rid of Kindergarten Chaos. They are each tasked with solving problems to help the parent (Big Humans), the teachers, and the children from being consumed by the chaos of kindergarten readiness. The big humans feared their little ones would forget all about them as they grew up. The teachers are mantic as they panicked in preparation for new kindergartners. The children are anxious and confused about starting kindergarten, and the only way to help them is to say the magical phrase "Kablashy Nurugtupe." Will Khalil, Braxton, Evie, and Jasper save Ohville, or will Ohville crumble in chaos?


The Oh Khalil book series inspires young readers to be creative and curious by embracing imagination and uniqueness. This series gages children of all ages and highlights diversity, identity, and storytelling. Each book has learning activities and other educational features at the end.


Jasper's character is a part of the Deaf community. This book includes words and phrases in American Sign Language. Oh Khalil, Ltd. worked in collaboration with a certified RID American Sign Language interpreter.






PriceFrom $15.99
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